Journey from Employee Wellness to Vitality at Workplaces!

Since 2013, Arogya World has been making significant investments in public health and global development through its pioneering Healthy Workplace initiatives in India.

Developed in collaboration with industry in 2012, our Healthy Workplace Criteria, aligned with the WHO framework, has been effectively applied across numerous companies.

Currently, over 215 companies in India, with a workforce exceeding 7 million employees, have been acknowledged as Healthy Workplaces for their dedication to workplace health and excellence.

We fully endorse Arogya World’s programs as being credible. NTPC has benefitted from participating in Arogya World programs by getting scientific and evidence-based approaches for prevention of NCD and better networking opportunities with agencies working in the area.

Employee well-being occupies a unique place among the companies priorities, more so today amid a pandemic. We are proud to partner with Arogya World – an organization that has taken significant steps in creating awareness and highlighting preventive approach around Non- Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Arogya Platinum worked as a booster to strengthen our common goal of holistic care for employees. Their Platinum award questionnaire and assessment has in a way created a global benchmark, to take workplace wellness to new heights. Thank you Arogya team and we are proud to be associated with you.

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About Healthy Workplace Program

Healthy Workplace Program (HWP) is a scientifically designed, evidence-based and an efficient program with defined positive outcomes developed with the intent of advancing the workplace health movement in India. The effort is on-going to evaluate, engage and implement various programs to enhance the health and well-being of the workforce.




Reduced Healthcare Costs



2024 Healthy Worplaces Felicitation

Award categories of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (2 year rolling honor board).

Platinum Awardees would get an opportunity for Global recognition.

Extensive coverage on Social media and leading print media.

Access to Industry Best Practices on Employee Health & Well being


Transformation programs designed to create sustainable culture of Health & Mental Well-Being
1 year MyThali awareness programs on healthy eating habits.

2 year Comprehensive Communications package on employee health.

Talk by our expert Nutritionist and mental health webinars.

8 week Lifestyle Coach program.

Tobacco Free Workplace guidelines.

Measurable Impact

Positive outcomes including higher employee engagement, increased produvtivity & reduced absenteeism
28% Reduction in smoking or usage of Tobacco.

48% Increase in employees who exercise regularly.

30% Reduction in stress.

25% Reduction in those who had difficulty in sleeping.

Significant reduction in attrition.

Happier, agile and resilient workforce.

HWP Journey


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Rigorous, direct, transparent in-person assessment






Track Metrics. Data driven culture. Opportunity to be as a Global Healthy Workplace


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Tools & Programs

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